Sacred Cycles
Sacred Cycles was a solo exhibition at Sidwell Friends School, in Washington, DC, 2002.

These paintings and installation pieces continue my exploration of cyclical patterns in nature and human existence. The images, altars and ritual objects are not from any particular religious tradition, although Jewish roots, Quaker silent worship, Buddhist meditation practice, feminist spirituality and earth-based celebrations of the elements and seasons inspired them.

Nature is my inspiration. I am moved to make art by the natural rhythms of woman, seeds, flowers and fruit, the shift from light to dark and back again, form to formlessness, life and death, and the wheel of the seasons. In this work there are altars that use the tokens of the natural cycles themselves and found, painted and embellished copper vessels to create a ritualistic space for the paintings. I love the richness of color, the texture of oil sticks and beads, the glow and reflection of candlelight on copper, and the precise rendering of patterns and elements of nature.



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