Daylily Dharma
This body of work, Daylily Dharma,  was exhibited in the 2006 Guilford Biennial Art Faculty Exhibition at Guilford College

The theme of a new series of paintings often emerges as a surprise. The summer I began these paintings I was still painting large landscapes of clouds, shorelines, trees and water. As I worked on the waterscapes from my many photos and sketches my eyes kept shifting to the iris blooming outside my studio. Caught by their brilliant color and the delicate petals of the open flowers, I began to paint them. I watched them through their whole cycle. Each iris bloom opened slowly, lasted a day or two, then wilted as other blossoms followed. In succeeding days I began to paint them in different stages, bud to bloom, finally twisting and turning in intricate swirls as they died. Day lilies followed the iris, both in my garden and in the studio. They last only one day. Their cycle became part of my meditation practice. I walked through the garden, picked the flowers and showed up both in the studio and my meditation curious each day to see what would happen. Life was always coming and going; paint moved from emptiness to form - or not - as I watched. This awareness entered into the way I put on the paint, more loosely and freely than before, allowing the brush drawings of the forms to flow from the paint and even drip down the surface calling attention to the process and materials. I see all the forms continually emerging in their impermanence. The altar celebrates the cycle: exquisite beauty of the dead flowers and the promise of new life in the daylily bulb planted in dirt in the bowl.


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