I make literal collages and also use collage as an organizing and metaphorical device. Even the way I paint often seems like painted collage. I paint one object, flower or leaf from direct observation or a photo and then paint something next to it in a completely different space or context. As a metaphor, I see collage as a way to understand the world as constantly changing fragments of perception.

I have an ongoing series of small collages where drawing or painting may include the literal object I am representing echoed by scanned versions of similar patterns and textures from nature. In recent years I’ve become fascinated with the ability of a computer scanner to make a facsimile of real things like starfish, lichen, feathers, thorns, lace. The illusion is quite convincing but different in quality from a photograph. Juxtaposing the real object and the scanned one intensifies the illusion.  I also enjoy quoting images by other artists to enter into a dialogue with them, most recently with Iranian artist Shirin Neshat.

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