Artsit Making Altars
Holding in the LIght
Daylily Dharma Series
Sacred Cycles

These altars emerged from my spiritual life, my meditation practice and my teaching.  These five bodies of work from the last six years were originally conceived to provide a sacred context for my paintings and are more sculptural than my earlier work. Many pieces or installations incorporate architectural elements, rusted elements, wooden tables or stands or old windows.  The variety of other materials includes dried arrangements of flowers, leaves and weeds, bones, birds and wings, small or suggested human images, art images, antique lace and clothing from past women’s lives and beads. 

Some of these works are literal altars with candles, incense and bells.  Candles were lit and the bell sounded in a ritual to invite audiences into my sacred space during public talks and openings.  The wall pieces are altars in the sense of being energized ceremonial places of focus and personal meaning.

In recent years I have been co-leader of altars workshops and as an art professor at Guilford College, where I developed and taught a course called Sacred Images, Altars and Rituals.